V1 Aviation Testimonials

Testimonials of Creativity and Value.

V1 Aviation takes pride in providing value to our clients.  A sampling of recent value added transactions include:

  • Acted as Purchase Agent for a Gulfstream IV aircraft and arranged a simultaneous lease of the aircraft at Closing.  Purchaser realized positive return on his investment while maintaining significant yearly usage.
  • Acted as Broker to sell a 10 turboprop aircraft fleet from an Australian operator to separate operators in North America.  Seller realized maximum value by selling to separate operators in a timely manner.
  • Acted as Purchase Agent to purchase a new Citation CJ3 Aircraft.  Client realized a savings of US$50k and took delivery of his new aircraft more than 6 months ahead the next best alternative.
  • Acted as Purchase Agent for one Citation XLS aircraft.  Identified an off-market aircraft at an attractive price.  Purchaser realized more than US$300k savings over comparable aircraft transaction at that time.  Assisted in the export of the aircraft and the maintenance package to conform to European JarOps standards.
  • Acted as Sales Agent to sell one Super727-200 hull, and in a separate, but simultaneous transaction, sold the airplane’s JT8D-217 engines to a separate buyer, maximizing the value realized by the Owner by over US$200k.
  • Acted as Agent to purchase a Boeing 727-100 freighter, one of only a few in the world that would fit the client’s requirement.

– Please contact V1 Aviation for a list of references.